Plastic Surgery Can Help Camouflage Your C-Section Scars

A cesarean delivery, or c-section, is often synonymous with the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby. However, it is also essential to acknowledge that this process is a major medical procedure. As such, many women are often left with permanent scarring around the incision site. These scars are especially noticeable for some women, as they are raised, red, or very large. A plastic surgery scar camouflage treatment can be applied in this scenario to help reduce the appearance of the scar. 

Treatment Options Vary

The type of c-section scar you have will determine the treatment method used to camouflage the incision. In modern medicine, this procedure's incisions are generally made vertically. For a scar in this form, a laser is used to remove as much scar tissue as possible, and then a tummy tuck is performed to remove the appearance of any remaining areas of the scar.

For individuals with vertical incisions, a laser is generally used to remove the scar. If the scar is raised, mild laser liposuction might also be applied to the area to help flatten the scar. Your healthcare provider will be able to help you determine which option you need.

Required Recovery 

It is important to remember that no matter the method of camouflage, each treatment involves some form of plastic surgery. As such, ensure you enter the process with the knowledge that you will need to spend some time in a recovery phase.

The extent of this phase will depend on the type of treatment plan prescribed, so the less invasive the scar removal process, the shorter the recovery period. However, if the process involves a tummy tuck, you should plan to abstain from strenuous activity for the immediate future. 

Realistic Expectations

Ensure you walk into the process with realistic expectations. Your plastic surgeon will develop a treatment plan that provides the best possible outcome, but you must understand that your results might not be immediate.

Lasers and surgical incisions can irritate the skin tissue and the cells underneath. As a result of this irritation, you may experience inflammation in the area that can last for a short period after the procedure. Even if you do not look as you expected right away, know the results you want are soon to follow. 

If you believe you can benefit from this treatment, be sure to speak with a plastic surgeon to learn more about the options available to you.