Self Care: Improving Your Emotional Health By Visiting The Spa

Taking the time to get a facial, or to get your nails done does more for you than improve your appearance. Getting treatments at a salon is providing self care, a habit that more people need to develop. With the stresses of everyday life, everyone needs some time to take a break. While some people may enjoy spending time alone reading a book, practicing self care is an excellent way to improve your emotional health, reduce stress levels, and leave you feeling relaxed. Most Parents Neglect Taking Care of Their Own Needs As a parent, it’s hard to put some of your own needs first. The problem is, if you are exhausted and never take the time to recharge, you will always be running on empty. Moms tend to spend a lot of time during your average day taking care of everyone else, particularly when the children are little. A visit to the salon gives moms (and dads if they like facials and manicures) a chance to rest without having to worry about anyone, even if it’s only for a Continue Reading →

Only One Month Until Your Wedding Day? 2 Steps To Achieving Glowing Skin In A Rush

Is there only one month left until your big day, and you are still dealing with complexion problems? Even the best makeup artist can’t help you look your best on your wedding day when your complexion, which is the artist’s “canvas,” isn’t looking its best. However, don’t despair! When you plan the next month of your at-home and professional skincare treatments well, you really can achieve glowing skin by the time your wedding day arrives. While it would be ideal to begin a new skincare regimen at least a few months before your wedding, life isn’t always ideal. Here is a guide to getting glowing skin in just one month.  1. Plan Your At-home Skincare Regimen Wisely and Start It Now No matter what skincare problem you are facing, there is a product that can help you get the problem under control or even eliminate it altogether by the time your wedding day arrives. However, now is not the time to begin super-powerful retinoids or other prescription skincare products if you don’t already use them. Why? Retinoids, such as Retin-A, Continue Reading →

Take the Plunge, Men—It’s Time for You to Enjoy the Benefits of a Pedicure

If you’re a man, there’s a good chance that you’ve never experienced a pedicure—even if you’re slightly interested in what the process might be like. It’s time to get off the sidelines and schedule this pleasant appointment at your local salon. Sure, the clientele might be primarily women, but you’ll also likely experience at least a few men who aren’t ashamed of getting pampered in this manner. Whether your feet are in rough shape from playing sports or are sore from standing all day at work, you’ll enjoy the benefits that a pedicure can provide, including these. You’ll No Longer Be Embarrassed to Wear Sandals Many men shy away from wearing sandals, even when the weather is hot, because they’re embarrassed about the look of their feet. Calluses, thick toenails, dry skin, and other issues can easily make you feel self-conscious, which results in your suffering with socks and running shoes all summer long. Your salon attendant won’t bat an eye at the look of your feet and will help you through these issues. He or she will trim your Continue Reading →