3 Excellent Reasons To Get Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

This article is going to discuss 3 excellent reasons to get hair extensions for your wedding day.  You Can Do Hairstyles That You Otherwise Couldn’t Do  If you would like to have a gorgeous french braid, a creative up-do, long beautiful curls, or some other hairstyle that you normally can’t do with your hair because of the length or style of your hair, then hair extensions can fix this problem for you. The hair extensions are going to either lengthen or thicken your hair, allowing you to do pretty much any hair style that you can imagine. Knowing that you are going to be able to have the hair you always dreamed of on your wedding day can make getting hair extensions well worth it.  You Can Easily Put In And Remove The Extensions  The great thing about getting extensions for your wedding day is that you can just have them in for you wedding day, and can remove them as soon as you would like. This is possible thanks to clip-in extensions. Your hair stylist is going to be Continue Reading →

How To Do A Gel Coated Manicure At Home And Other Tips

Gel coat manicures are nice because the gel coating gives your nails a protective coating that helps your manicure last days longer without the color chipping or cracking. You can get gel manicures at a salon like Nails By Yen, but there are a number of gel coat polishes on the market today in case you want at -home option to supplement your salon visits. These gel polishes are fairly inexpensive, and are great for an at-home manicure in a pinch. See below for instructions to do a gel coated manicure at home and other helpful tips. What You Need: Gel coat polish Nail polish (color of your choice) Clear top coat Nail file and buffer Dry oil (to dry nails faster – optional) Nail polish remover Cotton balls Instructions: Start by filing your nails in one smooth motion across the entire nail. You can file nails so they look square, rounded, or pointed – the choice is yours. Buff your nails to help smooth the surface of the nail and to help smooth out ridges on the nail. Remove Continue Reading →

Self Care: Improving Your Emotional Health By Visiting The Spa

Taking the time to get a facial, or to get your nails done does more for you than improve your appearance. Getting treatments at a salon is providing self care, a habit that more people need to develop. With the stresses of everyday life, everyone needs some time to take a break. While some people may enjoy spending time alone reading a book, practicing self care is an excellent way to improve your emotional health, reduce stress levels, and leave you feeling relaxed. Most Parents Neglect Taking Care of Their Own Needs As a parent, it’s hard to put some of your own needs first. The problem is, if you are exhausted and never take the time to recharge, you will always be running on empty. Moms tend to spend a lot of time during your average day taking care of everyone else, particularly when the children are little. A visit to the salon gives moms (and dads if they like facials and manicures) a chance to rest without having to worry about anyone, even if it’s only for a Continue Reading →