Helpful Tips For Your Balayage Appointment

You may have been thinking about having your hair colored, and you might have decided that you are interested in balayage. This is a style that involves having highlights added to your hair in a certain way so that you can get a beautiful effect. If you do want to have your hair done in this way for the first time, you might be looking for a little bit of advice. These tips can help you with your balayage appointment.

Choose the Right Hairstylist

Some hairstylists have more experience with performing balayage treatments on their clients, and you should choose one of these hairstylists if you can. After all, this can help you ensure that your hair turns out beautifully. When choosing a hairstylist, ask about how much experience they have with balayage treatments, and consider asking to see a few examples of their work.

Understand It Can Take a While

How long your balayage appointment will take will depend on a few things, including how dramatic you want your highlights to be, how long your hair is, and how competent your stylist is. Be aware, though, that balayage is a free-hand technique that does not involve foil. Because your hairstylist will have to do everything by hand, this can take a while. Of course, you want your hairstylist to take their time during your appointment to help ensure that your hair is done properly. Just be prepared ahead of time for your hair appointment to take a few hours so that you will not be in a rush on the day of your appointment. Your hairstylist should be able to give you an idea of how long your appointment will take.

Expect to Spend a Little More

Because of the amount of time and effort that your hairstylist has to put into performing a balayage treatment on your hair, you may want to be prepared to pay a little bit more for balayage than you might have paid when having your hair colored or highlighted in the past. Of course, you should ask your hairstylist how much your balayage treatment will cost so that you can be prepared. If your hairstylist does a really good job, you may want to consider giving them a tip for their hard work, too.

Tell Your Hairstylist What You Want

There are different colors and looks that can be achieved with balayage. Talk to your hairstylist about the look that you're going for, and consider showing them a few example pictures, if possible.