Only One Month Until Your Wedding Day? 2 Steps To Achieving Glowing Skin In A Rush

Is there only one month left until your big day, and you are still dealing with complexion problems? Even the best makeup artist can't help you look your best on your wedding day when your complexion, which is the artist's "canvas," isn't looking its best. However, don't despair! When you plan the next month of your at-home and professional skincare treatments well, you really can achieve glowing skin by the time your wedding day arrives. While it would be ideal to begin a new skincare regimen at least a few months before your wedding, life isn't always ideal. Here is a guide to getting glowing skin in just one month. 

1. Plan Your At-home Skincare Regimen Wisely and Start It Now

No matter what skincare problem you are facing, there is a product that can help you get the problem under control or even eliminate it altogether by the time your wedding day arrives. However, now is not the time to begin super-powerful retinoids or other prescription skincare products if you don't already use them. Why? Retinoids, such as Retin-A, often make your skin break out more when you first start them (this is called purging) before they begin improving your skin. The purging period can last up to eight weeks or longer, and starting one of these products now can lead to a skincare disaster on your big day! Instead, begin using a regimen of products that are a little more gentle and don't cause purging before they begin showing results. Here is a sample regimen to tackle virtually any skin problem you could face:

  1. Begin cleansing with a mild cleanser morning and evening if you don't already. 
  2. Start wearing sunscreen every day. Why? It will prevent burns that will be difficult to conceal on your big day, help diminish sun spots, and keep new ones from popping up. 
  3. Use a toner with green tea morning and evening to help calm skin redness and inflammation. 
  4. In the evenings, apply a low-strength glycolic acid moisturizer to increase skin turnover and encourage a healthy glow. 
  5. Breakouts? Don't begin prescriptions with azelaic acid, which is also prone to making your skin look a little worse before it gets better. Instead, combat acne by using a moisturizer in the morning and evening that contains gentle nicotinamide (studies show it fights acne just as well as topical antibiotics). Nicotinamide also helps eliminate sun spots. 

Remember to patch test every product before you begin using it to make sure you are not allergic to it and it doesn't break you out. If you are new to skincare and find choosing new products confusing, then now is a great time to consult with a facialist who can provide you with a full set of products tailored to your complexion issues. When your wedding day is getting closer, move to step two. 

2. Get a Professional Facial a Week Before Your Big Day

If you stick to your new skincare regimen for three weeks, you should begin seeing great results. However, nothing makes your skin glow more than a professional facial, so it is an important step to looking your absolute best on your wedding day. Why not obtain it the day before? Some facial treatments can leave your skin a bit pink for a day or two, especially if you opt for pore extractions, so you don't want to get a facial too close to your big day. About one week in advance is perfect timing to still have that post-facial glow without worrying about any lingering redness. 

While the specific treatments best for your skin will be carefully chosen by your facialist, common pre-wedding treatments include a gentle exfoliating scrub to get rid of even more of that dead surface skin that dulls your complexion and an ultra-moisturizing facial mask to plump up fine lines and tackle dryness. If you have blackheads, then pore extractions can also clear out those stubborn clogged pores. 

If your wedding day is arriving soon and your skin isn't looking its best, then you still have time to improve it!  Follow these tips to achieving glowing skin on your wedding day in just a month when you don't have any more time to spare!