3 Tips For Wearing A Wig As A Dancer

If you are a professional or semi-professional dancer, you may find that some of your costume choices would benefit from the addition of a wig. Wigs can drastically change your appearance, giving you an appropriate look from different time periods and regions, which can add authenticity to certain forms of dancing. However, before you purchase a wig, there are a few things that you should know about dancing with a wig. 

Purchase a Quality Wig 

When looking for a quality wig, you want to follow the four C's of wigs: cut, cap size, composition, and color. While human hair wigs are often desirable for everyday use, as a dancer, you may prefer the way a synthetic wig retains its style throughout heavy use. While it offers less flexibility, it is more likely to retain its style while you do floor work or intense partner work. 

Navigating the many options associated with wigs can be intimidating. If you plan to invest a large amount of money in a wig or multiple wigs, you may want to consult an expert at a spa or salon like Ferrari Hair Service to help you narrow down your choices. 

Learn How to Properly Attach Your Wig

Once you purchase your wig, you should take it into a salon to have it properly fitted to you. While most wigs are available in a one-size-fits-all model, there are several adjustments you can make to the wig cap that will help it fit securely while feeling natural. When you go in to get your wig fitted, you should let your stylist know that you are a dancer and the wig will be used in dance. They will be able to help you determine extra attachment points that can make the wig more secure without sacrificing its illusion.  

Have Your Wig Styled Regularly 

You may find that your wig loses its style quickly when you dance in it. You may want to have your wigs styled before each performance or a single styling may last a couple of performances, depending on your style of dance and the wig you select. Either way, you should regularly condition your wig and take it in for professional styling when it begins to lose its shape or style. 

Wigs can be a fun part of your dance wardrobe that can change your appearance and add depth to your routines. However, it is important that your wig is properly fitted and that you take regular care of it if you want it to add to your dance as opposed to distracting from your routine.