Need A Spa Day? Try These Unique Treatments To Feel Like A New Person

If you're looking for a day of pampering and relaxation and you want to do something beyond the normal manicure and pedicure, you want to find a salon that has it all. You can go to the spa feeling rundown, stressed and plain, and leave feeling rejuvenated and self-confident.

There are many services that you can get done at a spa, but consider stepping out of your comfort zone and get something done you haven't had before. Consider booking the following services while at your spa day.

Hot Springs Soaker

Relax in a hot springs spa that allows you to soak your body in warm water, with steam billowing around you. The experience will make you feel like you are on a tropical island, or like you're in the mountains bathing in a real hot spring. Loosen up the body and relax to get ready for the rest of your pampering. This is a great idea for couples and friends doing a spa day together.

Deep Tissue Massages

A deep tissue massage is a great way to relieve the deep down tension and stress you've been carrying around with you. This will improve blood circulation throughout your body, it will help eliminate stiffness in the body and joints, and you can relax while someone does all of the work during your massage. If you have certain areas where the pain is the worst, this is where the massage professional can target.


If your skin is looking old, dull and dry, it may be time to get a dermabrasion treatment. There are many advantages to having this treatment done, and it will remove all of the old, discolored and dead skin cells off your face. This will give your face that healthy glow again, and you can start treating the new cells on the surface of your face with a moisturizer after your appointment to keep your glow going.

If you know you need to head to the spa to get the regular things done, like eye brow waxing, a haircut and the usual, take the extra time and spend the extra money to make the day memorable. Everyone deserves to be treated and pampered once in a while, and you'll walk out of the salon feeling far different than when you made the appointment. Find a salon and spa near you that has new and unique services you can try.