Learn How To Get A Spray Tan Before Your Wedding With These Four Tips

Looking great in your wedding pictures is very important to most couples. If you are planning to have a winter wedding, your skin may be paler than you want it to be because you may look washed out when you have your picture taken in a white dress. A spray tan can be a great way to give your skin a touch of color in a short amount of time. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about getting a spray tan for your wedding.

Get Your Tan a Few Days before Your Wedding

When you get a spray tan, the liquid that is sprayed on your skin will rub off on your clothing until you take a few showers. By getting the tan a few days in advance, you will be able to give it time to set and still have an opportunity to shower a few times before getting into your dress. This decreases the chances of the tan rubbing off onto your dress.

Think About What You Are Wearing

When you go tanning, the tanning liquid will rub off on the clothing you are wearing, so be sure to wear something you don't mind staining. Also, be sure to consider the shape of your dress. If you are wearing a strapless dress, you want to be sure that you wear a strapless shirt when you go to get your spray tan.

Choose the Right Color

When you go to get a spray tan, they will have many different shades of spray tan for you to choose from. You want to be sure that you choose a color that will look like you have a natural tan. You do not want to have a very dark tan on your skin when you have your pictures taken because it will not look natural. Choose a shade that is only three or four shades darker than your natural skin tone to make your skin look tan without looking overdone.

Listen Carefully to the Directions

When you go to get the spray tan done, it may be done by an associate with a tanning gun who sprays the liquid directly onto your skin manually, or you may go into a booth that sprays the liquid onto your skin. Either way, the associate will give you the directions to lift your arms over your head during the process. It is important to do what the associate says to ensure that you do not have pale armpits when the spray tan is complete. It would be very noticeable and very embarrassing.

If you choose the right color, get the tan in advance, and follow the directions given by the tanning associate, you should have a great tan on your wedding day. The tan will gradually fade away with every shower that you take. The spray tans are very affordable and can be done in just minutes, making them ideal for the busy bride on a budget.