Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut

Your baby or toddler is starting to look a bit shaggy—it's time for their first haircut! Unfortunately, a haircut can be a frightening and frustrating experience for a young child if it isn't handled properly. Arm yourself with a few tips and tricks to make sure that you, your child, and the hairdresser all have a pleasant experience.

Tip #1: Be a Scheduling Pro

It's vitally important that you schedule an appointment for this first cut. You don't want your child getting bored and cranky in the waiting room. Makes sure your child is also well-fed and rested before you arrive—sleepy, hungry kids are grumpy kids! Finally, spend some time getting your child used to the idea of a haircut before your appointment. You can watch videos online of other children getting haircuts, or come up with your own goofy haircut song.

Tip #2: Choose a Child-Friendly Salon

Many salons have special chairs just for the tiny tots. These may look like zoo animals or horses, or they may resemble a little throne for the little prince or princess. You don't want a salon that just plops the child in the oversized chair, because this gives your child way too much room to slip around and fidget. The hair dressers should also be familiar with first haircuts and small children, since trimming a child's hair requires infinitely more patience.

Tip #3: Bring Distraction

Distractions can help prevent boredom and frustration. This can be something as simple as a favorite toy or book. If your family is more technology-minded, a new game or favorite video on a smart phone or tablet is another sure distraction that can allow the hair dresser to snip without too much fuss. Keep in mind, lollipops don't make good distractions, since hair tends to stick to them. If you do use food as a distraction, opt for something non-sticky, like a cheese stick.

Tip #4: Avoid Fear

Certain things can be especially frightening during a first haircut. First and foremost, most first cuts are scissor-only cuts because the sound of the razor can be quite scary. It's also a good idea to wash your child's hair before bringing them in, since they probably are too little for the salon shampoo. Spray bottles can be another scary new thing, so ask the stylist to use a wet comb instead. Finally, skip the blow-dry. A quick towel dry is quicker and makes less potentially scary noises.

The idea is to make the haircut quick and fun. Contact a local salon like Nu Waves Salon & Day Spa for more information.