Easy Beauty: 3 New Ways To Cope With Problem Hair Between Salon Visits

Some souls are not born to enjoy the primping lifestyle. They're vain enough to attempt to stay on top of their beauty routines, but it's a constant struggle. If this is you, the point may arrive between salon stylings when you hate your hair and wish your hair guru would come and live with you.

Here are 3 new and non-exhausting ways to keep your locks in line between beauty salon visits:

Have a stake in fake.

The secret is out. Many models and celebrities only appear to have healthy, youthful hair with no split ends having the audacity to fly around like they do on the heads of everybody else.

Now we know that they are (kind of) cheating by using indestructible hair extensions to achieve that lush, full look. Extensions today not only add length to short locks but they can be strategically placed under the hair to create the appearance of lift and fullness. The thick extension ends make even thin hair seem conditioned and sleek.

Have a few custom extensions made to your measurements and in your hair shade. When you're having a bad hair day they can easily be slipped under your do to give you confidence and polish.

Calligraphy your head.

A trending but perennially popular look for locks is the collarbone-length hair cut with long bangs and many short layers that move freely to create a breezy, active look.

A new method of achieving this look and other layered looks has been accomplished with a new cutting-edge hair salon tool that slices hair at an angle. The inventor of the process was inspired while cutting flower stems as he noted that the angular cut he was using left more surface area on the stems.

The Calligraphy Cut as it's called is designed to make hair naturally flow and shimmer. It works best on straight, non-frizzy, non-bleached hair but it can be used on longer hair styles too.

Go old school in new ways.

Grandma may have used stinky home perms, crinkly shower caps and head-warping curlers to set her hair and your mom's. No one in their right mind wants to go back to those torturous days, but there may be something to be said for reviving some of those ancient habits using new techniques.

If you've had hair newly permed or colored, or if you want to keep a hairdo for a few days, you'll want a way to protect your hair while bathing or showering. Check out the new shower caps on the market today. They are more comfortable and protective than ever before and some of them look good enough to wear to town. If you have special events to attend or you're out-of-town and need to keep hair looking presentable be sure to have one or two good shower caps in your beauty arsenal.

Curlers are another tool to reconsider. Several electric hair tool manufacturers make exceptional hot roller sets that can give you reliable curls after only 10 minutes. There are no overnight commitments and no weird lumps on your noggin with today's high-tech hair tools.

One benefit of curlers is their ability to smooth out frizzy ends and fluff up tired hair styles. This makes them a valuable ally to befriend when there's a week to go before you hit the beauty salon.